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Some things cannot be measured by a test and yet are the true measure of a person

random kindnessThis has blown me away and I just have to share it as it speaks volumes about what really matters in a person:

Me and the 4 year old banshee were in Pak ‘n’ Save, about to repack the stuff, and we passed three young lads playing with swords as their mum packed.   She told them to be careful as we passed, and I said it was okay cos the banshee and I appreciate a good Ninja game 🙂

The banshee sat on the side, watching the lads play for a few minutes, then one came over and gave him a sword to join in.  About a minute later the family were ready to go…. so the lady asked her boys if they would give my wee lad the sword, the scabbard etc to keep, and the boys beamed a huge smile and walked straight up to him and handed it over!

Really!  They just gave a stranger their toy!

My boy was aghast – I was aghast!

I told the boys they were the most kind and thoughtful children I had met in a very long time and should be so proud of themselves.  Then the mother and I looked at each other, both smiled with tears in our eyes, and off they went.

I am totally blown away by it.

Thanks you, lovely lady, whoever you are. Your boys are blessed to have you, and you to have them x

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One thought on “Some things cannot be measured by a test and yet are the true measure of a person

  1. Wow. That is a really cool experience.


    Posted by Melulater | April 26, 2013, 6:10 pm

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