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Why Thatcher’s Death is Important for New Zealand

Thatcher signFrom Billy Bragg, Calgary, AB, Canada, on the death of Margaret Thatcher:

“This is not a time for celebration.

The death of Margaret Thatcher is nothing more than a salient reminder of how Britain got into the mess that we are in today.

Of why ordinary working people are no longer able to earn enough from one job to support a family; of why there is a shortage of decent affordable housing; of why domestic growth is driven by credit, not by real incomes; of why tax-payers are forced to top up wages; of why a spiteful government seeks to penalise the poor for having an extra bedroom; of why Rupert Murdoch became so powerful; of why cynicism and greed became the hallmarks of our society.

Raising a glass to the death of an infirm old lady changes none of this.

The only real antidote to cynicism is activism.

Don’t celebrate – organise!”

New Zealand, this should all sound very familiar – a Prime Minister leading a government hell bent of penalising the poor and enriching the rich further, that protects the mainstream media, that doesn’t provide affordable living wage or housing, and who promote hatred of the weakest in our society to divert attention away from those really causing the harm.  One who tries to break the unions and lower wages.  One who undermines education.  One that sells off everything imaginable in order to turn a profit for those who already have enough.

Don’t sit and wait for Key to die before you say something:  Protest this way of government and protest it now.

You can start by showing your displeasure (fury?) at the undermining of education:  Protest with parents, students and teachers this Saturday 13th April at the cenotaph in Wellington or at any of these locations around the country.

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