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National testing, prescribed lessons, rote learning … the future of NZ?

raise hellThe USA is just waking up to the realisation that national testing, prescribed lessons, and other GERM infested ideology is not the right way to educate children.

Strangely, just as the tide is starting to turn there, Australia is GERMing away at full tilt, and New Zealand is eagerly following behind, panting like a lapdog.

So, if you want to know what our future will look like if we sit passively by, read this:

The students’ task is to make sure the district doesn’t look bad.

This is how bad it can and has become.

It doesn’t matter if there is a violent thunder storm rolling about over the top of the school, fascinating the kids. We can’t talk or read or write about that. It’s Wednesday and the Pacing Guide says we should be learning about Mali.

It doesn’t matter that James has just come back from a holiday in Mexico and saw a parade on the Day of the Dead. He has photos, and a head full of questions. But it’s Monday and the Pacing Guide says we need to work hard on understanding the water cycle.

It doesn’t matter that Timmy still doesn’t understand the multiplication of fractions. He has to move on or he won’t have covered the rest of the topics by the end of the nine weeks. He can come back after school, at the weekend, in the summer … to plug the gaps in his understanding. We know that the building of mathematical understanding is a cumulative process and a misunderstanding now will undermine everything that comes next, but we just have to move on.

Yes, this is how bad it gets.”

Read the rest of the article here.

These horrors are sneaking up on New Zealand, too.  Be aware of them lest they crawl in right under your noses.

The advent of National Standards is just the beginning…



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