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Boonman tells it as it is: The right hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.


My favourite bit:

Ok then, what do we do next? Do we open the education market up? Let free enterprise reign supreme and provide the panacea to all our education woes?

Yes. BUT…. what do you mean, yes BUT?

Yes BUT we don’t believe the private sector should have to front up any of the cost for this enterprise.

Sorry? Aren’t you the party that has been arguing for years – two decades nearly – that there should be very little government and the markets should be freed up and allowed to rule?

Well… um… yes… um… sorry, what was the question? Ooooh look, isn’t that a pretty cloud up there in the shape of Jesus on a piece of toast (scuttles away hurriedly).”


(you really should – it’s a good one. ~Dianne)

My Thinks

Hello y’all.

This week has been pretty cool. As a teacher that is. It’s been the first week of the year (yes, that’s right, year!) where I’ve managed to do a whole week of teaching in the classroom with little or no interruptions.

Little or no interruptions? “What are you talking about Mr B?” I hear you asking… Being a Year 5 & 6 class there is the seemingly continuous issue of what I’m sure Mrs Parata would call non-core subjects.

So far this year my “learners” as her highness would call them have been on a week-long camp, have swum every day in the school pool, and attended the local swimming sports. All this non-core stuff comes nowhere near being measurable by any national standard AND is far more valuable to a kid’s long-term growth than being able to work out 9 + 7 by changing it to 10…

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