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How will charter schools help our neediest students?

What is the most important thing? 

It is people.

It is people

It is people.

I am reminded of this each time I see spin from New Zealand’s National government assuring us that charter schools are about the kids, about bolstering their achievement, raising their grades, helping them learn better.  And that they are in particular for our neediest communities.

Because, for all the hours I spend researching this and asking people to show me how charters will improve things for our lowest achievers, I am yet to get anything even remotely near a decent answer.  In fact most people refuse to answer me at all, which is telling.

Let me be clear about my intentions: I am about the kids.  All I care about is that we give as good an education as possible to as many children as we can, in a fair way, with as much equity as can be managed.

And when I start arguing against charter schools or excessive testing or National Standards or increased class sizes, it’s is for one reason only: He tangata. He tangata. He tangata.

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