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Democracy in NZ is Dead – Forcing Through Charter Schools Come Hell or High Water

democracy is deadI went to the oral submissions on the Education Amendment Bill (2012) and amongst the lot of them there was just ONE very muddled and odd one in favour of charter schools and all of the rest were against.

ALL of them.

They came from academics, elderly couples, principals, unions, you name it, and all but one said the whole idea is flawed.

So why oh why is it that last week the Charter School Development and Authorisation Board was set up BEFORE the hearings committee report back?  (With former ACT president Christine Isaac heading it.)

And BEFORE the hearings committee report back, submissions are being called for from prospective charter schools.

The committee has NOT even reported back.

The Bill has NOT PASSED.

But none of that matters to National because they are going to push these through come hell or high water.

Regardless of whether you think charter schools will be a good thing (and I will be very clear, I do not) it is not acceptable for the government to again run roughshod over the democratic process and plough on with the pre-ordained plans.

Shame on the New Zealand Government.

And shame on the people who don’t stand up against this disgrace.

This is not democracy.


Sources and further reading:

Banks announces who is on the Charter School Development Authorisation Board

Radio NZ – Government accused of stacking odds in favour of charter schools

Scoop – Charter School Board Desperate and Undemocratic Act

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3 thoughts on “Democracy in NZ is Dead – Forcing Through Charter Schools Come Hell or High Water

  1. I 100% AGREE, Dianne!

    Our Government MP’s are behaving like they have had their brains hyjacked by some unkown entity hellbent to run the world on some warped form of ideology.

    They have predetermined agenda’s and they are simply not listening anymore.

    I bet you are also struggling with rousing public interest also . . ?

    Have any of you traced the origins of Charter Schools?

    I know ole John Banks has introdueced the idea to NZ, but where did it come from originally . . . United Nations by any chance?


    Posted by Trina | April 13, 2013, 10:17 pm

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