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Teachers – thank you, thank you, thank you – John Kuhn’s speech

John Kuhn’s Rally Speech
By John Kuhn – Supt
Feb 27, 2013, 08:39

Are there any teachers in this crowd?

I want to say something to teachers that our lawmakers should have said long ago:  Thank You!   Thank you for keeping our children safe.  Thank you for drying their tears when they scrape their knees, for cheering on our junior high basketball players, for going up to your room on Sundays to get ready to teach my kids on Monday.  Gracias por cuidarlos!  As a dad, I thank you.

Coaches, thank you for fixing little girls’ softball swings and for showing our boys how to tie their ties.  Thank you for getting our children safely home on the yellow dog after late ballgames, marching contests, and one-act plays.

Thank you for buying all those raffle tickets, hams, pies, discount cards, Girl Scout cookies, insulated mugs and pumpkin rolls, for buying more playoff shirts than any one person could possibly need and on top of all that spending your own money on pencils and prizes and supplies for your classroom.

There are those poor deluded souls who say you take more than you give, and I disagree with them with everything I am.  Don’t let them get you down.  They wouldn’t last a day in your classroom.

You are NOT a drain on this economy; you are a bubbling spring of tomorrow’s prosperity. You’re a fountain of opportunity for other people’s children.

As educational attainment goes up, crime, teen pregnancy, unemployment, and prison rates all go down.  Squalor and ignorance retreat. Social wounds begin to heal.  Our state progresses; our tomorrow brightens.

What you do, teacher, is priceless.  You don’t create jobs.  You create job creators.

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