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Latest information on Novopay (from NZEI)

dollarsNovopay – What’s Happening?

NZEI is meeting with the Secretary of Education and other stakeholders fortnightly after each pay day. We will update you each pay period via this newsletter and suggest what you can do to help – we need to keep the pressure on the government to make resolution of Novopay a top priority!

The Novopay system is an even bigger mess today than it was last week

NZEI is pushing as hard as possible for the system to be fixed – speedily!

We have demanded a support package for schools be developed that recognises the immediate workload issues, poor resolution processes and stress school staff are facing.

We’re pleased to tell you that yesterday (21 February) the Secretary of Education agreed to work with us to develop an interim package of measures.

There are many things that need to be done and discussions will continue on that long list but responding to your concerns and frustrations, we’ve asked that an immediate package of measures include:

  • setting clear and transparent service standards for the Novopay help desk
  • the Ministry establishing regionally based positions to assist payroll administrators and individuals who are having problems that need urgent fixes
  • an extension on the deadline for school charter reporting
  • free Employee Assistance Programme support
  • a communications package that shows genuine understanding of the difficulties we are all facing and clear and concise information about where to go for assistance and what support can be expected
  • a small one-off financial payment to schools acknowledging the additional stress and the impact Novopay has created.

A swift positive response from the Ministry of Education to these requests would show good will as well as offer practical support for schools. We’ll update you on this as soon as possible.

What you can do
If you’ve been affected by pay problems, help us put pressure on the government to get staffing and service levels at Novopay right. Please email Novopay Minister Stephen Joyce with a copy to NZEI at .   Ask the Minister to ensure that staffing levels are sufficient to make sure payrolls are processed in time from now on.

Get Help
If you have had a serious underpayment and need money, your school should contact the Ministry on 0800 663 772 to request an urgent manual payment. If this is proving difficult to achieve, call 0800 NZEI HELP and we’ll assist you.

Your Board via the principal has a legal obligation to ensure you are not left in difficult financial circumstances. This includes the school making a direct payment to you and claiming it back from the Ministry if usual channels don’t work.

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