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Not in the mood for celebrating

cryWhen I started this blog and the accompanying facebook page, I thought I would be super giddy about all the wee milestones along the way, and up until recently I was.

The 20,000th page visit was a highlight for me – confirmation that people are reading what I write and share.

But this week when the facebook page was just under 1000 fans, I couldn’t even get excited, and when we passed the thousand mark, not even a woot was issued.

In fact, I cried.

I cried because the only reason the page is now so busy is because of what is going on in Christchurch, and the sudden influx of (to date) around 100 new fans was only due to them needing to search out information and try to make sense of the various verdicts given by Hekia Parata on Monday.

From being mainly teachers that joined the page and read the blog, it is now wider than that, with parents, grandparents, teacher aides, caretakers, students and the wider public joining pages like mine just to try to work out what the heck is actually going on – and why.

Some just want company in their dismay.

The numbers keep growing…

and my sadness gets deeper.

And if I am this sad, I can only wonder and imagine how the affected communities are feeling…

and then I get sadder still.

Kia kaha to everyone caught up in the mean and ugly mess.   You are in the thoughts of myself and so very many other people.


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2 thoughts on “Not in the mood for celebrating

  1. Diane, I realise how it must feel to you- it gets so overwhelming at times- we are in giddy educational times- but your sites have been so timely and serve a great purpose. I really appreciate the links that you have made for me. Six months or so ago it was very hard to get information or anyone interested but now the message is getting out and about and you have played an important role. Us watchers and viewers take out hats off to you and the others who have done so much digging and stirring. Take a breather for yourself from time to time. Heartfelt thanks.


    Posted by Heather McQuillan | February 20, 2013, 6:45 pm

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