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John Key, put on your big boy pants and sack the fool, will you?

if you are not outraged you are not paying attentionBloody hell, Hekia!  I cannot believe you’ve done it again!  What IS it with you, that you have to trick, obfuscate and downright lie your way through so many fiascos?   For the love of the gods and all that is holy can you not just act with honesty and respect?

So now we find out that you pretended to consult with Salisbury School regarding its closure when you and your predecessor had long since made up your minds that it would be shut down.

Let’s not beat about the bush here:  YOU LIED.

You put very, very vulnerable children in harm’s way without any care in the world.  You didn’t give a jot about the protests, the consultation, the arguments for why it was a truly terrible decision.  No, you had already made up your mind and you let us all go ahead and waste our breath fighting to save the school.

But you were foiled, weren’t you, you devious devil. Because people did fight.  And they got plenty of support and great legal advice, and in the end saved the school (at least for now) from your guillotine by proving to the courts that your closure proposal was unlawful.

Thank god people fought and fought hard.

Thank god for Mai Chen, their outstanding lawyer.

And all of this in spite of your untrustworthy, disgraceful behaviour.

Shame on you.

As Green Co-leader and education spokesperson, Metiria Turei, said today “They say Hekia Parata can’t be trusted to make an unbiased decision over the school’s future after her decision to close it was ruled unlawful, but I’d take that further. She has proven herself unable to be trusted with her entire portfolio.”

Novopay – signed off without checking the documents.  Truly incompetent (and even then I am not convinced that’s the whole truth).

Class sizes – wrongly calculated statistics that had clearly not been checked.

Salisbury – predetermined decision, sham consultation and an unlawful closure.

Bloody hell, it doesn’t give any of us any faith at all in your quite possibly predetermined, heartless, and quite likely wrong verdicts for Christchurch next week.

John, be serious, put on your big boy pants and sack the fool, will you?



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