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“A young magician in the streets of Cairns also had the right idea. He was accompanied by some young children and they worked as assistant magicians for him.

After watching the street show for a while I said to him, ”You should be a teacher”. ” I am, he replied, these are four of my pupils.”

A member of the watching crowd pulled me aside and said, “He is the greatest teacher we have ever had in this town.

The kids love him.  All the parents try to get their kids in his class.”

Apparently magic was an integral part of the classroom activities. Shades of Harry Potter.”

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Distinguished Guest Writer

Bob Phillips

Bob Phillips has had a varied and intensive life as an educator. During his first eight years as a primary teacher in NSW he developed a keen interest in ‘how to make learning more interesting and meaningful’. Recognised for his outstanding talent, he moved into curriculum development and undertook ‘the interaction between curriculum and teaching’ as a major study. His career focussed on four major focal points:- Mathematics & Curriculum (1964-1990); Research & Scholarship (1973-1993): Development Education(1969-2003); Teacher Education (1969-1993).

Early in his career he worked as a Research Fellow, studying teacher education and testing of children using hypotheses based on psychological principles of learning and development. Pursuing his passion for learning he was a visiting scholar to the Universities at Virginia, Houston and Haifa. His abilities led him to…

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