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February 22 – New Zealand With a Broken Wing

What will you do on February 22?

Many of you will remember the Feb22 fundraiser that ran last year on the first anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake, one of the biggest tragedies our country has ever seen.

The time from idea conception to the actual day was extremely short but in just one week $10,000 was raised.

This year we have a bit more time and are keen to spread the word as far and wide as possible, and hopefully make even more.

Feb 22The site is called and the idea is to get people pledging some kind of action (however big or small) to support Christchurch on the second anniversary of the day their city changed forever.

A way of remembering the ongoing struggle, paying respect to those who lost their lives and helping in a practical way at the same time.

Last year’s offerings ranged from whip-rounds at offices and coin trails at kindies through to collection boxes at all K-Mart shops and a percentage of the day’s takings at Al Brown’s well-loved restaurant Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar.

Some people donated set amounts, some a percentage of their business profit on the 22nd or even the whole week before.

One mum even donated 10c for every time her baby smiled!

Brown is on board again this year, pledging 10 percent of his day’s takings and is encouraging others in the hospitality industry to do the same.  “As I said last year, it’s like New Zealand is a bird with a broken wing, and to fly again as a whole country we need to fix that wing.

That still holds true two years on – Christchurch has a long way to go to recovery and we need to keep on helping.  I really hope to see other restaurants and businesses – not only in hospitality industry, but all sectors – getting on board.”

All funds raised will go to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal who continue to support in areas of sport and recreation, education, hardship and relief, environment, economic revitalisation, heritage and culture and spiritual and faith.

If you as an individual, or your business, is keen to get behind this initiative in any way, go to or email your pledge to

For more information, contact:

Alexia Santamaria
021 337772

Still Hurting

Still Hurting

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