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These are scary and exciting times to be an activist. Scary because the privatizing dehumanizing forces of neo-liberalism are wrecking havoc everywhere; from the climate, to endless wars, to health care, to outrageous income inequality, and, as readers of this blog know, to dismantling public education. 

The magnitude of this assault, its machine-like ability to crush all that lay in its way, and the fear and silence it provokes often leave me stunned and uncertain of where and how to act. 

But these are also exciting times, from Occupy Wall Street, to Wisconsin where workers joined in solidarity to demand their voices be heard and their rights protected; to Chicago where teachers were joined by students and parents in resisting the attack on their union and their schools; to teachers in Seattle, led by the teachers of Garfield High School, asserting their knowledge, their judgement  their dignity, and their moral righteousness to say no to MAP tests; to parents in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia joining to resist school closings: we can be a part of the movement to reclaim education and the possibility of the democratic project.

Still, we waiver between fear and courage. Many of us have found ourselves alone with our understanding that a terrible wrong is being done to public schools and universities.”

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"One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds." Gandhi


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