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My Life In School – Tom Sobol

My Life In School.


“We are divided between those who want to dismantle the public school system and those who want to improve it, those who emphasize education as an individual property right and those who balance individual rights with the common good, those who regard teachers as the problem and those who see them as the solution. Caught in these ideological wars, politics eclipses pedagogy. School people struggle on, trying to make each day productive for their children and hoping the policy-makers will listen to practitioners as well as to the political elite. I hope so, too. The new century has not yet decided how its children shall be educated, although there are signs that fundamental change is in the offing. Practitioners, I want you to be there when the decisions are being made, contributing knowledge about teaching and learning that only you have. Use it well. We are counting on you to enrich the quality of our children’s education.”


My Life In School is a touching and passionate memoir of one man’s journey from depression-era schoolboy to educational innovator and leader. Tom Sobol, former New York State Commissioner of Education, Distinguished Professor at Columbia Teacher’s College, and architect of New York State’s New Compact for Learning, shares his life and his thoughts about the fundamental educational issues of our time with wisdom and clarity.

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