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Multiple Choice


Is it reasonable to bail out private schools when local public schools have lots spaces?

(a) Yeah, we have heaps of money spare in the NZ coffers, what’s another $3 million between friends.

(b) Oh totally, poor Tarquin couldn’t possibly mingle with those children

(c) No


Is it reasonable to inflict undue stress on teachers, parents and students in Christchurch schools when there is still so much going on there already?

(a) Totally – what a few earthquakes amongst friends, it’s not like people lost their lives or homes, or livelihoods.

(b) Oh yes, we have to get on with it PDQ otherwise it’ll not be shot to buggery in time for the charter schools people to swoop in for a nice little take over.

(c) No


Is it reasonable for school staff to be out of pocket to the tune of $12 million because the Education Minister approved a system when it wasn’t ready?

(a)  Of course it is, those bloody teachers work two hours a day for six weeks a year and spend the rest of the time on the beach.

(b) Absolutely – they are paid heaps so they must have loads of savings to fall back on.

(c) No


Should Salisbury Special School continue to be undermined even after the courts declared the Minister had acted unlawfully in trying to close it down?

(a) Yes, it’s character building, all that stress, it’ll be good for them.

(b) Oh of course – it’s completely reasonable that all new student enrolment applications are dealt with by the ministry and not by the school.  That’s totally normal.

(c) No


Is it acceptable for the Education Amendment Bill submissions period to end smack bang in the holidays?

(a) Cripes, those teachers are always on holiday, it had to end some time!

(b) Oh for goodness sake, like anyone cares if they hand off our schools to all and sundry and pay them to run the schools, using our taxes, which they can cream off as profit.  Totally reasonable way to fund education.

(c) No


If you answered mainly (a) and (b) you need to do some more reading as you are showing signs of being slightly out of touch with reality.

If you answered ONLY (a) and (b) you are eligible to apply to join the ACT Party or its subsidiary entity, the National Party, and move to Planet Key where the golf courses are shiny and the toilets invisible.

If you answered ONLY (c) there is hope – you just have to make your voice heard.

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"One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds." Gandhi


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