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A Good Use of Your Tax Dollar?

So, Hekia Parata is told by both the Ministry of Education and the Treasury that is not a good use of taxpayers’ money to pay $$$$$Millions to keep Wanganui Collegiate open, and she ignores them and does it anyway.

It must be a Very Important Special school, like Salisbury, where children with specific and serious special needs are catered for.


Okay, it must be a school catering for that oft-mentioned Long Tail Of Underachievement.

No?  Really?

Hmmm… I know!  I know!  It’s a Christchurch school that has been given a reprieve cos is has a full roll and a growing suburb?

What?  Not that either?

Then what was $3 million spent on?  

Do tell…

collegiate-from-on-highA newly integrated  private school that caters mainly to Christian students and that only has 420 students?  You’re kidding me, right?

A school sat in an area with over 1400 empty school places already, in other state schools.  That’s odd.

Surely we are short of money, especially in education – isn’t that what John Key and Hekia Parata keep telling us?  That’s why we need to rush into closing and merging those pesky old schools in Christchurch…

Lawdie, I just heard a cynic in the back whisper that they might just be keeping it going until charter schools are passed, and then we taxpayers can fund it forever and it can carry on in secret, doing as it likes and skimming a bit off the top for profit.

Nooo… who would ever do such a thing?

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Wanganui Collegiate

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