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Fingers Crossed


So, the cunningly-timed submission period on the Education reform Bill is over.  Our chance to respond to ACT’s ridiculous plan for charter schools at an  end.  NZEI and PPTA are pleased with the submissions that came through their online proformas – a good 1700 of them, and it looks like a good haul has been made directly to the select committee, too.

If you are one of the people who took time to make a submission, bloody good job.  Because the only way to fight things like this is to stand up and be counted.

SOSNZ peeps certainly did their bit, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

* 195 people clicked through to the NZEI submission form from this blog

* 73 clicked straight through to the government’s submission pages

* 33 clicked through to the NZEI’s page about charters/submissions

* 33 clicked through to the PPTA’s page about charters/submissions

* and countless more went off, thought about it, and made submissions after reading about stuff or hearing from you or me about it all.

We’ve done our bit and should be thrilled.

But it’s not all over.

We still need to engage other teachers, talk to parents, discuss it all with students, and keep the pressure on the government by writing to MPs, newspapers, blogs, and, of course, the Minister.

Well done everyone – keep it up.  We can do it.



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