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Parents and Teachers Fight Back

It is good to see people starting to fight back against GERM (Global Education Reform Movement) in the USA.  It surely is a sign to people in New Zealand that GERM’s obsession with testing, charter schools and so on does not work.

Do you really want to follow the failed ideas of a country whose education system is far behind ours?

Fight back, New Zealand – stop it before it starts by sending in a submission against charter schools here (takes 2 mins  max).

Seattle Education

The Weekly Update for the news and views you might have missed.


This week has been a slower news week than usual for obvious reasons but the internet is burning up with announcements of new Facebook pages sprouting up started by an array of parents and teachers from around the country standing with their teachers and students and against the privatization of their schools. Just this morning I was invited to like four Facebook pages related to education. They are:

Parents: What Colorado School Grades Doesn’t Want You to Know

Parents & Educators against the Daniels & Bennett Educational Reform

Indiana Coalition for Public Education


Now on to the news and views.

“Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change”

Milton Friedman

“For Freidman and his followers, disaster was not just a chance to get rich but an opportunity to push through all kinds of unpopular policies like…

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