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Hekia, John, come out, come out, where ever you are…

Hekia, Hekia come out where-ever you are...

Hekia, Hekia come out where-ever you are…

Cock-up after cock-up, mess after mess, disgrace after disgrace.  Yes, it’s National’s Education policies.

Not satisfied with the shambolic technology teachers/class sizes debacle, nor the way they have flouted due process and in some cases the law (Salisbury School and Christchurch), and trying to ignore the Official Information Act, or even National Standards and league tables and – oh wait – let’s not forget NovaPay… no, not happy with those bouts of complete ineptitude, now we have Gangnam Key refusing to front up to the country and answer questions about the recent resignation of Education Secretary Lesley Longstone.

This is shameful.

I’m not going to argue that Longstone should have stayed.  But let’s face it, we all know she’s just the fall guy.

The resignation was given and accepted three weeks ago, and yet it was kept secret until after Parliament went into recess and both Longstone and Parata were on holiday.  How convenient.  And Parata, a Minister of the crown, refuses to pop her head above the parapet and say a word, like a kid found with her hand in the candy jar who decides keeping schtum is the best option despite being caught red handed.

Meanwhile Key is far too busy dancing on radio stations and having mock gay weddings to, well, do any actual Ministerial duties like, say, answering the millions of people of his country demanding to know what the hell is going on.

It really is too disgraceful for words.

Mr Key, Ms Parata, you cannot merely go into hiding and refuse to explain yourselves.  You are employees of the state, voted into government by the people, and the New Zealand public want answers.

Now grow up, front up, and stop being ridiculous.


If you want to know more about National’s recent bunglings, see below:

OIA:  Parata’s mishandling of Official Information Act requests

Christchurch:  Chch teachers and principals call for a review after bungling of proposed changes to schools

Novapay debacle:  Staff still not paid properly, and it’s getting worse  and  Paying $11Million/hour?!

Salisbury School:  School closure deemed unlawful

Class Sizes:  Backdown on proposed changes to class sizes after National admit they calculated incorrectly!

League tables:  National standards are used to create league tables, despite data being shoddy.

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