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Do you want charter schools in NZ?

If you DO want charter schools, then put your feet up, grab a cuppa and see what’s on TV – your work is done.

If you DON’T want them, you need to make a submission.  It can take as little as one minute.

Do it here – a very simple one from NZEI.

Or if you want to do your own but with some ideas,  you can use a template.  Mine is here, and PPTA have one here (scroll down a tiny bit to find it).   Once you have copy and pasted your template, rejigged it to suit you, and saved it, just CLICK HERE, choose the Education Bill one, fill in and submit.

It’s that easy.

Have a voice.

Stand up for our kids and say NO.

Then TELL YOUR FRIENDS to do the same.


Further reading and information on NZ charter schools:

Charter schools and unqualified teachers.

ACT & National’s pact to bring in charter schools.

Opposition to charter schools.

NZ should learn from US charter schools – expert.

Finnish Lesson – NO charter schools.

Charters expand despite lack of evidence for their success.

Untrained and unqualified teachers – charter schools.

Charter schools look great from down here (head in the sand).

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