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The Ministry of Education Can No Longer Surprise Me With Stupid Decisions

I’ve been reading Twitterverse views on the Novapay debacle, and the general public are as amazed by it all as the political pundits, teachers and opposition parties.  See for yourself:

I actually can’t believe this is still going on. It’s appalling. You can’t not pay people properly for weeks on end.

Wow teacher from my uni FB group reporting #novapay stiffed her over $1000 #nopay

stacey hamilton ‏@runningwhio

I’m so glad the company I work for doesn’t use Novopay – pity the poor teachers who work so hard & are getting shafted #novopain

How bad does the #Novapay situation need to get before the Minister stops sending underlings to the media and fronts herself?

boonman ‏@boonman

Make payroll run smoother by sacking payroll staff… WHAT??!?!!!?

Idiot/Savant ‏@norightturnnz

If MP’s salaries were paid through Novopay, I bet it would be fixed by tomorrow.

Brenda Pilott ‏@PSAsecretary

@CitizenBomber  So naturally now is just the right moment for Ministry of Ed to restructure and cut the payroll support unit.

Zaryd Wilson ‏@ZarydW

Behind the game on this #Novapay story. What was wrong with the old pay system? #aintbrokedontfixit?

David Woodings ‏@MargeInovera

You can really appreciate that the MOE pay staff about to be sacked will have fixing Novapay as a priority eh?

Pip Keane ‏@pipkeane

Don’t despair. Associate Education Minister Craig Foss has sympathy for the school staff who haven’t been renumerated.

Chris Hipkins ‏@chrishipkins

In Ministry of Ed land, faced with a debacle of epic proportions, make the staff tasked with fixing the problem redundant. Pure genius…

Katie Brown ‏@katie_pai

Who designed, built and tested Novapay? Seems unbelievable that there are so many ongoing problems on such a crucial system

Thanks to KiwiNomad08 ‏@KiwiNomad08 for the title of the piece from their Tweet: The Ministry of Education can no longer surprise me with stupid decisions

***** STOP PRESS ******   Oooooh,just in…

kingjohn ‏@kingjohnkeyIII

BREAKING: Look ah. I’ve just appointed Novapay to handle Beehive payroll. NOT. ON. YOUR. NELLY.  Get back to work, lollygaggers.

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