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Can Our Education System Remain Immune To GERM?

If you want to learn about and understand some of the alternatives to New Zealand’s current education reforms (Charter Schools, endless tests, National Standards, GERM, teacher bashing, and using education as a political football) you need to spend  a few minutes watching one of presentations by Pasi Sahlberg (below) and add to your understanding.

Sahlberg is incredibly knowledgeable about education.  He is not a politician.   He has experience in classroom teaching, training teachers and leaders, coaching schools to change and advising education policy-makers around the world.

He doesn’t say Finland’s system is perfect or that it should be copied.  He invites us to ask what the problems are and how they might be remedied.  He wants us to consider the issues outside of politics, as anyone serious about improving things should.

What he offers are ideas and food for thought.

“But what is GERM?” you may ask…

Well GERM stands for Global Education Reform Movement, and the best way to learn about it is to watch Sahlberg explain it.  So watch below, and then tell your friends and family and colleagues to watch it too…


TEDxEast Talk: Pasi Sahlberg – GERM That Kills Schools

How Finland remains immune to the Global Educational Reform Movement (GERM) – Hour long talk at Melbourne Uni

A Fifteen Minute Interview

Read (Learn) More…

You might also want to read his book (As an aside, the Auckland library ones have  huge waiting list, which is good news and gives me hope.)

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