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Charters can look good by massaging the figures and getting rid of difficult pupils. That is not teaching. It is not equality. If you cannot manage your students, then you are not an effective teacher.

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Why do graduation rates and test scores seem to soar at charter schools? We have stated on this blog, as has been stated elsewhere, that these charter schools counsel students out of their schools or expel them for whatever reason that they have deemed necessary. Remember, charter schools can have their own set of rules outside the regulations of a state, city or school district, and the parents have to sign on to those qualifications. Ed reformers will say it’s freedom from regulations, I say it’s freedom for a charter school to do what they want to keep their stats looking good enough to get more students and therefore district and Title 1 money and to keep their charters with the state. It’s freedom from the rights and protections that students and their families normally enjoy as being part of a public school system.

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  1. Not necessarily so it may be that there is not enough support happening in the school from people in positions of responsibility or funding that has not been allocated to that area of need within the school because the investor wants their cut! oh sorry their return from their investment!


    Posted by Barbara Anne Jephson | October 16, 2012, 8:37 pm

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