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What You Should Know About Charter Schools

After the 2011 election, Charter Schools seemed to come out of nowhere.   What are they all about?   Will they improve education?  How do they work?  Let’s look at some of the facts…


Charter Schools are run by sponsors and can be run for profit.  Most are run this way.  They are, effectively, businesses – private schools paid for in part by public money.

Qualified Staff

Worldwide, such schools are often run by people with no background in education, and often employ untrained and unqualified teachers.

Education Not As We Know It

Allowing charter schools (or partnership schools, as they have been re-branded here)  means a truly huge shift in our education system as a whole.   It makes children and their education into a commodity.

Do They Improve a Kid’s Chances?

Evidence that charter schools improve education standards is, to use John Key’s phrase, ropey.   They have not got a good record of dealing with poorer children or improving their education, their exam scores or their future chances.

Want To Know More?  

Assoc. Professor Peter O’Connor from the University of Auckland analyses why Charter schools are being introduced into New Zealand, in the video below.

Peter O’Connor’s YouTube Video about charter schools

Who will win and who will be the losers?

Watch the rather good presentation and see what you think.

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