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Dodgy Data and Obfuscating Officials

Hekia Parata’s smug face

I’m sure I’m not the only one who watched Lesley Longstone on Campbell Live tonight and wondered why no-one in charge of the Christchurch schools proposals can give a straight answer.

To be fair, Ms Longstone at least looked concerned and admitted there were some errors, which was far less disturbing that Hekia Parata’s interviews this week where she’s discussed Christchurch with a maniacal grin on her face like it’s some hilarious in joke and she pities her interviewers for not getting it, all the while refusing to accept any mistakes have been made.

Well here’s news for you, Ms Parata, this has been a debacle from the start, with more errors than a year 3 spelling test.

Lets look at the ‘facts’ the Ministry of Education has got wrong, according to the Campbell Live investigation:

  • the Ministry announced 18 schools to close – the data shows 20.
  • 22 of 27 schools say the data on their school is incorrect.
  • Burnside Primary is wrongly listed as having 50 buildings, all of which are earthquake damaged.  It has five.
  • Burwood and Greenpark are also listed as having more buildings than they actually have.
  • Roles and population figures are out of date.
  • The number of classrooms schools have is reported wrongly – sometimes 50% out.
  • Schools such as Manning and Aranui have brand new classrooms incorrectly listed as damaged.
  • Whole clusters are incorrectly listed as having 100% damaged buildings.
  • Burwood’s long jump pit wrongly identified as liquefaction!

The whole thing beggars belief.

These are real people, not just data points.  They are real communities, with real stresses and very real concerns.  And it is nothing at ALL to grin about that the whole affair has been dealt with so incredibly badly.

From the way the information about proposed changes was given to schools, to the fact that so much of the data those decisions were based on is vastly incorrect, the whole thing just stinks.

See Campbell Live’s full report here  – it’s well worth watching.


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2 thoughts on “Dodgy Data and Obfuscating Officials

  1. Cobham Intermediate can be added to the list. Although not initially included John Key made it clear that a merger with Burnside primary could ‘easily’ occur. That it was announced so casually in a local radio interview is appalling and it was certainly news to the school’s principals, parents and pupils. More shoddy handling.


    Posted by janeqatar | October 3, 2012, 11:00 am


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