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Letter From the Teacher (or Just Play Nicely, Please)

I am writing with regard to wee Hekia.

She has been acting out in class lately, and her manner is not at all co-operative.  I’m concerned as she does not seem to listen to constructive advice or work well with others, instead insisting they do as she wants.  This is not ideal.

There are also slight concerns with her hearing.  This week she was asked the same thing a number of times at question time and, despite the question being rephrased, she could not understand it or answer it.  I suggest you get her hearing checked.  If her hearing test comes back okay, please let me know and we will look into the problem further as it is an essential life skill to be able to understand questions and answer them clearly.

One other thing I should mention.  Hekia does not seem to have many friends at the moment.  This does, sadly, appear to be largely as a  result of her treatment of others, which is often aggressive and confrontational.  She doesn’t show much compassion for others in need, either.  This really is a concern.

Given all of this, I would be grateful if we could talk as a matter of urgency.  I look forward to hearing from you…

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One thought on “Letter From the Teacher (or Just Play Nicely, Please)

  1. Hehe very good! A dissappointing report though, no reward for hekia this term


    Posted by Sarah | September 28, 2012, 8:55 pm

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