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Christchurch – New Schools, New Costs

Christchurch parent, Diane Hubrick, shared these musings on just one of the effects of the proposed changes to Christchurch schools.

“This is my washing line with one set of my children’s uniform on it.

Cost of three different sizes of uniforms:

  • dress, culottes and shorts $99.97, sweatshirts $74.97
  • track pants $85.97, polo shirts $65.97
  • skivvies $65.97 (not in the photo because I forgot)
  • Polar fleece jackets $112.97
  • sunhats $41.97.
  • Grand total $546.79.

Most parents that I know work on the lines of one to wear, one to wash and one spare, making the cost of replacing my children’s uniform $1640.37.

To replace our schools’ uniform will cost our community $164,037…

How many children are affected in Christchurch?

What is the cost of your schools’ washing line?”

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