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A Mini Some-Would-Say-Almost-Invisible Consultation Period for Christchurch Schools

When Hekia Parata announced the school closures, mergers and relocations tabled for Christchurch, she assured those shouting loudly about being steamrollered that there would be time for Christchurch residents and others to have their say in a consultation period.

Today she announced that the consultation period is not only short (28 days) but covers school holidays and the senior exam period.  Way to go!  So people are being given the bare minimum of time at the worst possible time to get their submissions sorted and in to the government.  After that, Parata will make her decisions (because they are, apparently not yet set in stone, although many of us are starting to wonder) and anyone who wants to challenge her verdict has just 28 more days to do so.

After that there will be a final verdict with no chance of changing it.

Is this really what Christchurch deserves?

Watch Hekia Parata in parliament today, here, and tell me that she is genuinely interested in helping Christchurch.

It’s bad enough that they have had the quakes, the EQC’s inefficient doings,  slow and painful insurance claims, and all of the upset that goes with that.  And it’s worse still that they had the school announcement in such a poor, ill-thought-out way, causing even more stress for the region.  But this is just the final straw.  Why not just drive down there and kick the people in the teeth – surely it couldn’t get any worse?

What can we do?  How can we fight this steamrollering?  Because surely we can’t all stand by, sit by, or blog and tweet to the side – we need to act.

NZEI, Labour, Greens, anyone – please come up with a plan we can support, and fast.

~ SOSNZ (A must watch)

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One thought on “A Mini Some-Would-Say-Almost-Invisible Consultation Period for Christchurch Schools

  1. I don’t believe that Labour are any better. You only have to look at what happened in Invercargill when Trevor Mallard took an axe to the schools down there.
    While the rhetoric flys, we as a nation should be mobilising. We have to show these people that they are leading, nay bulldozing, our country and our future into the cess pit.


    Posted by Cush | September 26, 2012, 10:48 pm

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