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Reflections on the SOSNZ Blog

As a committed blogger and social media junkie, it’s fascinating for me to see how many people visit the page each day, where they come from, and where they click out to from here.  It’s quite telling to look at the search terms that got them to the page, too.

It’ll come as no surprise that this week the main search terms have been ‘save our schools’, ‘Christchurch school protest”, ‘untrained teachers’, ‘save Freeville School’, ‘Save Christchurch schools’,  and a host of others along the same lines.   The announcement last week that the Ministry had plans to close, relocate and merge a number of Canterbury schools after what amounted to a minimum of consultation has sent shockwaves through the area and indeed through the country.

People come to the blog from all over the world, not just New Zealand.  Some no doubt arrive due to search terms that are not quite specific enough (I loved the four Romanians that found me this week by searching ‘apology letter for fighting at school), but as a huge number click out to related pages, it does look like most find themselves on a useful page and want to read more.  That’s always good to know, as a blogger.  There’s no point doing this if I’m talking to myself, and little point if it’s just me and the four Romanian prize fighters…

Since the Christchurch schools announcement, about a tenth of all people coming to the blog have clicked out to the Ministry of Education documents Directions for Educational Renewal in greater Christchurch and Future Directions.  People want to – maybe need to – know the finer detail of what is going on, what is already decided, what might be changed, who was consulted, and any clue as to why those particular decisions were made.  It all comes down to one word: Why?

As always, many have gone out to Facebook, to look at either the SOSNZ page there or other linked pages, such as Save Chisnallwood Intermediate – DO NOT CLOSE – Save Avondale primary and Save Freeville School.  I hope it’s helped people find a place to share their thoughts and support each other.

A sizeable number have gone off to the petition, Vote Canterbury Kids, no doubt to add their names to the hundreds that have signed already.  That gave me a little grin, I have to say.

Writing a blog isn’t much.  I’m not out there on the front line, I’m not marching down a street (although it has been known).  But it’s better than sitting at home muttering and doing nothing.

So if you feel concerned, angry, bewildered or just want to know more, do something.  Blog, Tweet, talk to your friends, go to meetings, read the news, talk to your MPs, anything.  Just do something.

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2 thoughts on “Reflections on the SOSNZ Blog

  1. Hi a age Facebook is used everyday for all Schools under Christchurch Quake- Save our Schools Christchurch we need your support thanks


    Posted by nesa lagatule | September 25, 2012, 7:46 am

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