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Christchurch Schools Fight Back Over Closures

There is a real and deep sense of dismay in Christchurch that the government’s proposed school closures, mergers and relocations will have a huge negative impact of some communities.

Peter O’Connor, Associate professor at Auckland University’s Faculty of Education, says schools have been a key part in holding together small communities since the earthquakes, and their closure is likely to have a negative impact on those communities.  Principals, teachers, parents and other education experts agree.

Ouruhia Model School principal Mark Ashmore-Smith says they plan to fight the decision to close their small school.

Emma Goodin  says the school has been a place of normality and stability for her three children since losing their home in the quake. “I can’t believe for all that, for all I’ve been through in the last two years, they would pick a moment like this just to kick me when I thought that I was as down as I could go,” she says. (source)

A heart felt letter the the schools community from Burnside Primary School, Christchurch

A heart felt letter the the schools community from Burnside Primary School, Christchurch

Cantabrians are not going to give in without a fight, though.  Already there are protests, petitions, support pages on social media all up and running, and there are a number of  rallies planned.  A protest has been organised is being held on Wednesday at 5.30pm at the Bridge of Remembrance.

I will keep you abreast of events as the unfurl, and please do let me know of any events, petitions etc that I have missed.

Kia Kaha, Christchurch.

Now, go lend your support to Christchurch and those schools fighting back – every word of support means a lot:

Save Freeville School – Whanau and community support page

Save Chisnallwood Intermediate – DO NOT CLOSE

Celebrate Suffrage- REBUILD WITH OUR VOTE

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2 thoughts on “Christchurch Schools Fight Back Over Closures

  1. I agree Christchurch people to defend against the attack on our single sex schools. The debate is about informed choice. I attach some scientific studies that represent both scientific international and local data that should inform the debate. Please communicate this information on to as wide an audience as possible.

    The Minister of Education Hekia Parata states that in any changes to Christchurch schools
    “The priority is delivering a network that will meet changing community needs and deliver better outcomes for learners”

    The learner outcomes identified in these reputable studies clearly state that educational outcomes from single sex boys and girls education are significantly better (independent of socioeconomic status).
    Read the data at these websites to see how important the choice is.

    Effects of single sex education on mitigation of the gender gap in educational acheivement. University of Otago 2009

    Single sex vs Co-ed -Is one better than the other? Brian Easton NCEA NZ 2003

    Our boys need to do English better (and do) and our girls need to do Science better (and do).

    Please use this research so the Christchurch public can defend a system that is at risk of losing 1300 free places for Girls only education and 1300 spaces for Boys only education. The Mt Albert Grammar situation where parents purchase “in zone property’” in order to secure a space at the free public school should not be a model for us.

    Christchurch students need the option of single sex education because they do better. Our community needs the extra 2600 places because of sheer demand and equity for those who cant own property in Fendalton or go private.


    Posted by David | September 17, 2012, 8:56 pm

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