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Canterbury Schools Latest – Earlier Media Reports Confused

It seems the announcements today were something of a cock-up, with misinformation and just plain wrong information out there, largely because things were announced in a half-assed fashion.  I’d love to believe it was just because the Government (and Hekia Parata in particular) is incompetent, and maybe I’m just getting too old and cynical, but you know what, I can’t help thinking it was all highly convenient way of covering Gerry Brownlee’s other disgusting announcement today so it could sneak out under the covers of a manufactured hoo-hah.

Either way, it’s added far more confusion and upset to a region already under stress, and is really quite unforgivable.

Politicians, parents, teachers, and a huge number of other voices are calling for an explanation and an apology.  Twitter and Facebook are awash with stunned people wanting to know what the hell is happening.    “Hekia Parata owes the principals, teachers, students and families of both schools an apology,” says Ruth Dyson of the Labour Party.

All people want is clear information.  Not too much to ask for, surely.

Anyway, for those wanting more information about the planned changes to Canterbury’s schools, this is the statement from the Ministry about the meetings today:

Shaping Education – Future Directions

A strong education system, from early childhood to tertiary, will be critical to the redevelopment of greater Christchurch and its economy in the wake of the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

This is why the Ministry of Education has worked with the community and the sector to develop a Plan for renewal that will meet the educational needs of children and young people, and support social, cultural and economic recovery.

This will involve an investment of up to one billion dollars to develop greater Christchurch as a leading education community positioned to set new standards of excellence in teaching, learning and research.

It also offers a unique opportunity to take an innovative course of action that will improve the delivery of education, extend the options available for learners, and lift student achievement.

The plan for education renewal considers the needs of Learning Community Clusters, which are organised in three categories that reflect the scale and degree of change needed:

  • Restore
  • Consolidate
  • Rejuvenate.

There will be ongoing engagement and discussions with school boards about available options for individual schools and facilities.

This Plan for renewal has been informed by ‘Directions for Education Renewal in Greater Christchurch – the Education Renewal Recovery Programme‘ developed following your submissions to the Shaping Education consultation process and the knowledge and expertise of educational leaders, teachers, city and business leaders, and Ngai Tāhu.

We invite you to read the document ‘Directions for Education Renewal in Greater Christchurch‘ and continue to engage with us on what will be a challenging journey to renewal.

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