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Unregistered Teachers in Charter Schools a Bad Idea Says Ministry

The Ministry of Education’s recommendations, released yesterday, are that all teaching staff  in charter schools  be qualified and registered, asserting that this would be the best way to ensure  students get the best learning opportunities.

It stated that “Teacher registration is one the most influential levers in raising teacher quality across the profession in both state and private schools. Allowing charter schools to stand outside this work will significantly damage the credibility of the Crown.

Yet the Government have decided to totally ignore the recommendations and allow Charter Schools to employ untrained and unregistered people as ‘teachers’.

Parata happily spouted that “…there will not be a requirement that 100 per cent of the teaching staff have registration as a full teacher.”

I am yet to meet anyone, anywhere that can see any good educational reason for this.

First of all, the government itself has gone on and on and on about needing to raise the standard of teachers.  They’ve spent ages trying to convince anyone who will listen that it’s all about quality, quality, quality.  So just how does that tally with this move?  It’s beyond bizarre.  All of the usual suspects, including John Banks, Hekia Parata and John Key have curiously  failed to offer anything even approaching an explanation or justification for this rather random decision.

Secondly, there is already the  ‘limited authority to teach’ provision, for people who want to teach and are deemed to have relevant skills but who have not been through formal teacher training.  Yet charter school staff won’t even have to pass the criteria for ‘limited authority’.  Why not?  How come there is going to be one rule for charter schools and another for other schools?  What possible reason is there?

Why would the Government ignore its own Ministry, teachers, unions, parents, professors of education and lord knows who else and just forge ahead with this folly?

Could it be that Charter Schools can be run for profit and therefore cost cutting is deemed of more importance than quality?

Is it okay to use our children as guinea pigs in an experiment that is not succeeding world-wide?  

Or are our children being sold down the river for a profit?  


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3 thoughts on “Unregistered Teachers in Charter Schools a Bad Idea Says Ministry

  1. I think that the whole charter schools concept is really about trying to reduce the influence of the teacher unions. Unions across many sectors have been damaged by successive governments (including Labour) over the last decade. The education unions are strong because teachers support them and are therefore anathema to the Banks and keys of our world.


    Posted by Ken | September 7, 2012, 8:31 am
  2. does that mean that these “teachers” at charter schools dont have to go through the police checks etc so that dodgy people have another way in to our kids


    Posted by Ian C | September 16, 2012, 9:44 pm
    • the staff there will, apparently have police checks, but not be on a national teaching register or have a professional body. In effect, the electrician or plumber at the school will be far more regulated that the ‘teachers’. No training, no monitoring, nothing will be required. All that matters, it seems, is $$$


      Posted by Dianne | September 16, 2012, 9:57 pm

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