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Parata Bullying and Intimidating Teachers

It seems the women in this government just can’t contain themselves.  If it’s not Paula Bennett breaching privacy and bullying private citizens, it’s Hekia Parata.  I wonder if the swap tips in the powder room?

The latest eye-rollingly poor behaviour from Parata involves the intimidation of teachers who had written to government as private citizens from their home addresses to challenge the changes to education policy proposed in the last budget.

The responses to those letters were sent not to the citizens’ home addresses but to their place of employment – their Boards of Trustees and their Principals.

The teachers had not written from their own schools, not written about their own schools, had not identified their own schools, and had given only their home addresses.  They were writing not as employees but as concerned citizens.

Why on earth, then, did government think it was appropriate

to write to them at their place of work?

Sorry, I mean write to their employers at their place of work!?

I am aghast.

It means that someone took the time and effort to look up those individuals to find out where they were employed, all rather than just reply to the address on the letter.  That’s a lot of work when you already have an address right there, don’t you think?

So you have to ask yourself WHY government would take such a step…


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3 thoughts on “Parata Bullying and Intimidating Teachers

  1. One can only wonder how she would react if people did the opposite, instead of writing to her at her place of employment, started writing to her family at her home address. I suspect she wouldn’t appreciate that, just as these teachers mustn’t have liked her writing to their employers! It’s incredibly rude, unprofessional, and smacks of cliched Big Brother intimidation.

    We learnt in school to begin official letters first with our own address, the date, then the address of our recipient *that was given to us*. Ms Parata obviously missed that lesson.


    Posted by nova | August 18, 2012, 7:33 pm
  2. Surely this is illegal?


    Posted by Rex Morris | August 20, 2012, 8:19 pm

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