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Charter Schools (Partnership Schools) in NZ – Key Quotes

“How can the Government say it wants to improve the quality of teaching while at the same time allowing unqualified teachers into the system?” – Ian Leckie, New Zealand Educational Institute president

“Nobody has ever said what those schools are failing on.” – Lee Walker, principal of Linwood Intermediate School and chairman of the Christchurch Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling

“You wouldn’t let an untrained doctor treat your child, or let anyone design your house.” – Labour’s education spokeswoman, Nanaia Mahuta.

New Zealand Education Institute says allowing unregistered teachers to take classes at charter schools is “a major step backwards for quality education”.

“Under the Government’s cosy arrangement, sponsors can operate multiple schools across New Zealand, skimming educational dollars from taxpayers to pay dividends to their shareholders.” – New Zealand First Party education spokeswoman Tracey Martin

The Green Party said vulnerable pupils need “a strong state education system,” not to be forced into charter schools.

Disadvantaged students who are “unlikely to be able to afford to bus to other schools” will be “stuck with whatever ideology their sponsor [the group that sets up the charter school] wants to run the school by” – Education spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty

“It seems crazy that you have to be registered to do the electrical wiring at a charter school, but not to teach the children there. I hate to think how Ministry of Education and Teachers Council officials feel about having to justify this.” – PPTA general secretary Kevin Bunker

One final quote…

“If they don’t succeed, the Government will be just as quick to close them down as we have been to establish them … That is the advantage of partnership schools.”  John Key.


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