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Whining Teachers and Idiot Parents

That’s what Education Minister Parata would have us believe was at the heart of this week’s backlash against proposed changes to pupil:teacher funding ratios in New Zealand’s public schools.

It seems she and her government think that the parents are all fools who don’t understand, well, anything, bless them…

…and the teachers just want to be paid heaps to do beggar all and have half the year off, all the while moaning moaning moaning, and all because they are mostly rubbish and don’t want to be found out.

Okay, good to know we’re all held in such high esteem.

So, why were we really shouting from the rooftops?

Some people, those who knew a little about student:teacher ratios, instantly became concerned when the budget was announced, noting that the new ratios would mean larger class sizes and cuts in some subjects altogether.

They became further concerned when wee calculations on the back of envelopes showed that Ms Parata’s promises of minor losses were just not right.

So they started to ask questions.

More and more people asked whether the Government had indeed  got their figures wrong – very wrong.  They became concerned when they heard the questions and queries, and saw the avoidance tactics that took the place of clear answers.

Then folk started to ask whether Government actually had any idea what they were doing…

– Did they actually check things like this carefully and understand outcomes before agreeing new policy?

– Or…  was it that they knew the outcomes but had put such a huge level of spin on the facts that they’d become worthy of Walter Mitty.

In other words, people began to ask, was Government incompetent or lying?

Do I need to go on?

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