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Government Back Down on Class Size Changes

This afternoon the Minister of Education announced that the changes to teacher:student staffing ratios will not go ahead.

Congratulations to everyone who talked, wrote, emailed, phoned, and discussed this issue, keeping the issue alive leading to the Government scrapping this ill-thought-out policy – great job.This back-down came after enormous pressure from the education sector and the public in general, working together with one very loud voice saying enough is enough.  It’s great to see what can be achieved when people are fighting for the same cause.

However, please don’t feel the battle is over.  This was just one skirmish of many that is needed in order to protect New Zealand’s public education from constant undermining by Government.  We still have to ask questions about:
  • standardised testing (National Standards) – why are we adopting them, how do they work, do they help raise achievement, are they reliable indicators of learning?
  • proposals for performance pay – how is this going to raise the standard of teaching and learning?  Will it lead to the danger of  teachers merely ‘teaching to the test’?
  • the introduction of charter schools – why are we closing schools then paying more out to have another privately run school open in its place?  What evidence is there that Charter Schools lead to any improvements, and why not use the money to invest in measures to help the school currently there?
  • the publication of primary school league tables – what are they for, who do they help, how are they calculated?
and more.
You’ve been amazing in getting one policy stopped.  Now please take the time to find out about and challenge more.
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