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Govt allies must force National to reverse class increases

Govt allies must force National to reverse class increases

Friday, 1 June 2012, 9:19 am
Press Release: New Zealand Labour Party


Govt allies must force National to reverse class size increases

Labour Leader David Shearer is calling on the Government’s allies to use their combined political muscle to force National to ditch its plan to increase class sizes.

“Parents, children and teachers are overwhelmingly opposed to National’s plan to increase class sizes. They know it will damage their children’s learning and limit their opportunities.

“United Future and the Māori Party have the opportunity to show that they’re prepared to stand alongside Kiwis on this issue. They must use their power to force National to drop the plan completely – not just to tinker with it.

“It is also concerning that National seems to have breached its no surprises agreement by failing to properly brief its support partners on the full impact of the policy changes. They are right to be angry about this.

“This issue is so serious for our future that John Key must find the time to deal with it, despite the fact he is overseas celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We urge him to act.

“Education is a priority for Labour. We will reverse National’s short-sighted plan to increase class sizes when we’re elected. But we urge other political parties who are in a position of power now to fight for our children and their right to a quality education,” said David Shearer.

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